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Tivoli Stadium, Aachen
Architect: agn Niederberghaus &
Partner GmbH, Ibbenbüren

Immission protection

Due to the most recent medical discoveries and findings specific to the workplace, environmental protection – and that includes the specialist field of sound immission protection – is proving to be of utmost significance. Therefore, in the planning of new buildings, it is necessary to take specific legal requirements into consideration.

As an accredited test center for immissions and emissions in accordance with § 26, 28 BImSchG – the Federal Immission Control Act -, we apply our expertise in this field to ensure that the planning objectives of our clients can be implemented in accordance with current requirements for the protection of the environment and, at the same time, in a practical and cost-efficient manner. In order to achieve this we work with two different quality-tested and computer-aided simulation models. By using two separate approved simulation programs (CadnaA and IMMI), we are in a position to guarantee our clients not only the most economical but, over and above that, also the most efficient course of action and presentation of the results.

High-performance measuring equipment, which fulfills the requirements of the Bureau of Standards, is available for measuring the sound in and around existing buildings.

We provide the following individual services:

• Preparation of computer-aided noise forecasts using two different approved simulation programs
• Measurement of sound levels
• Dimensioning/optimizing sound insulation measures
• Advice and preparation of expert evaluations in the context of the master plan and permit procedures
• Preliminary study of environmentally sustainable use of new building sites
• Site analyses and feasibility studies
• Noise mapping in accordance with the environmental noise directive
• Active and/or passive noise abatement planning
• Measurement using a lateral radar measuring system of annual average daily automobile traffic and velocity
  distribution on roads

From top to bottom:
2D model of traffic noise
3D model of industrial noise
3D model of facade sound level


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