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Sparkasse Münsterland Ost, Münster
Architect: Baumewerd-Architekten,
Prof. Dieter Georg Baumewerd, Münster


Year after year, the quality of modern metrology faces higher and more complex demands. For us, that is a good thing – and even better for our clients. In effect, we do not only have extensive, modern measuring equipment at our disposal but also the specialists capable of applying these measurement techniques efficiently to meet the objectives of our clients.

As an accredited sound test center (MBLNW 1969/91) and soundproofing test center in accordance with DIN 4109 accredited by the German Association of Material Testing Institutes VMPA, as well as a test center for emissions and immissions in accordance with § 26, 28 BImSchG – the Federal Immission Control Act, we work in line with the most recent findings in standardization and development. Special annual events, regular comparative measurements in accordance with the VMPA and expert collaboration in compiling the ‘decision book’, which the special committees consult to take a stand in matters of contention or ambiguity, ensure up-to-date, quality evaluations and test reports at all times.

The range of tasks in the course of this work includes controlling (architectural acoustic tests in the course of construction) and mandatory acceptance measurements. Room acoustic and electroacoustic measurements serve as a control or as a basis for the acoustic suitability of the corresponding rooms or installations. The measurements are taken using a variety of methods, including the EASERA acoustic evaluation system.

We have our own measurement laboratories with reverberation room, sound test center and acoustic studio to test materials both in relation to their acoustic properties (absorption, etc.) and their soundproofing.

Our range of measuring services includes:

• Room acoustic and electroacoustic measurements: reverberation time behavior, room impulse response,
  speech intelligibility, etc.
• Architectural acoustic measurements: airborne and impact sound measurements (solid ceilings, partition
  walls), measurement of noises from plumbing and service installations, etc.
• Immission and emission measurements
• Measurements related to structural physics and structure-borne sounds
• Material moisture measurement using non-destructive microwave measuring system
• Recording of ambient data, thermography images, blower door tests
• Development and testing of materials in our standardized reverberation and measurement laboratories
• Traffic counts using lateral radar measuring system
• Salt analysis of building components
• Measurement of airborne germs to record fungal bioburden

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Infrared image/thermography, Measuring setup in our own reverberation room, Depth-related moisture distribution in the structural component through non-destructive microwave measurement


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