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Concert Hall, Dortmund
Architects: Schröder Schulte-Ladbeck

Room acoustics

Considering that our sense of space is strongly influenced by our ear, a room is characterized not merely by its optics but also, and more importantly, by its acoustics. Therefore, the acoustics of a room should also be adapted to its function; for example, speech requires a short reverberation time in contrast to the long reverberation time required for music. That is why it is often necessary to accomplish variable, multifunctional room acoustics to satisfy a wide range of uses.

Therefore, we define and plan the solid geometry, material and equipment suitable for the function of the room in order to achieve the best possible result. We use a software system specifically developed for the specialist field of room acoustics, which enables us to calculate with precision the quality criteria required for the evaluation of the room acoustics. This even makes it possible to ‘listen in’ (auralization) to the three-dimensionally planned virtual room! However, the responsible handling of computer-aided forecasting tools is always dependent on the enormous wealth of experience contributed by the engineer using them. In point of fact, it is only possible to produce reliable goal-oriented plans for room acoustics through the symbiosis of modern EDP systems and experience, plans which, as a result of the high degree of forecasting accuracy, are also invariably cost-efficient.

Room acoustics - a selection from our range of services:

• Room acoustic calculations –acoustic precision parameters:
  - Reverberation time
  - Measurement of clarity
  - Speech intelligibility
  - Lateral sound level, etc.
• Model testing
• Measurement of acoustics
• Testing of materials in company reverberation room, issue of test certificates and type approval
  tests in sound test center
• Development of innovative material prototypes in the acoustics laboratory
• Three-dimensional computer simulation
• Virtual auralization in company acoustic studio
• Expert evaluations, feasibility studies, etc.


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3D model for simulation and auralization for the Tivoli Stadium Aachen and the Church of St Valentine projects


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