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Saxon State and University Library, Dresden
Architect: Ortner & Ortner, Berlin/Vienna

Sound insulation


Protection from sound and noise from outside - but also from inside - is becoming increasingly important in both new constructions and restorations. Expert advice is essential to guarantee an appropriate level of sound insulation all over the building. Obviously, we can close our eyes, but not our ears! Noise is an unpleasant, undesirable or harmful sound. The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1781-1860) characterized it as follows: ‘Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. It is not only an interruption, but also a disruption of thought.’

Sound as a physical dimension can be measured precisely. However, noise is quite another matter. Factors such as sensitivity and a subjective assessment of what is perceived to be noise have a decisive role in this case. This is where the field of psychoacoustics comes into play. Psychoacoustics classifies the various attributes of sound, giving them objective valuation standards, for example ‘pleasant-unpleasant’ or ‘sharp-dull’.

By the way: The unit dB (i.e. ‘decibel’ or ‘one tenth of a bel’), which is used to measure sound, was named after Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone. We take a systematic approach to planning to specification, providing all the services required in the field of sound insulation both inside and outside buildings.

Our range of services in this field includes:

• Planning and proof of sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109, supplementary sheet 2 or VDI 4100,
  and in accordance with individual requirements
• Advice on detailed planning, ceiling, wall, window, façade and stairway construction to provide airborne,
  impact and structure-borne sound insulation, including catalogue of building components
• Sound insulation of service installations
• Vibration insulation of service installations and other machinery
• Protection from outside noise from traffic and commercial activities
• Preparation of expert evaluations
• Sound technology analysis of current situation (status quo report) and feasibility studies


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