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GRANER + PARTNER Ingenieure: Room acoustics, Audio and media technology,Sound insulation, Buliding physics, Immission protection
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Saxon Parliament House, Dresden
Architect: Prof. Peter Kulka Architektur, Cologne

Sound and media technology

Striking the right note is also a question of technology. In order to ensure a perfect performance at all times we plan and shape to specific measurements user-centered sound and public address systems as well as video and other media technology for theaters, festival and concert halls, opera houses, conference centers, stadiums and multifunctional halls.

It goes without saying that we work in partnership with our clients to meet their specific requirements from the first ideas right up to the moment in which the installations are ready for use. This means not only applying new but also modernizing media technology. As we are independent of manufacturers or product types in the planning process, the full range of all the products, components and equipment required for the planning is at our disposal. It is precisely this independence which allows us to prepare competitive quotations for our clients. The work in the execution stage is supervised by our competent site management composed of engineers, who do not only hold a university degree but are also qualified craftsmen for the building industry and have many years of experience in site management.

Since the change in the relevant standards, the specialist field of ‘voice alarm systems’ has become considerably more important, making it an added priority for engineers and inspectors. This is a good example of how the synergies created in our engineering company from working simultaneously on room acoustics and public address systems (electroacoustics) are constructive, providing the client with the most cost-efficient means to have a voice alarm system approved under building law.

Our range of services includes:

• Public address simulation and auralization
• Planning of media technology installations
• Planning of public address system/independent LV programming
• Planning of audio/video technology
• Planning of audio networks
• Design and planning of studio and live control rooms
• Stage management technology and intercom systems
• Testing/evaluation of existing systems by our publicly appointed and sworn inspectors
• Planning and approval of voice alarm systems and electroacoustic emergency warning systems
• Approval by inspectors and quality acceptance


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3D model of sound level distribution of the Bochum Concert Hall, 2D model of speech intelligibility and sound level distribution of the Parliament House, Potsdam


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